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StatSpin® Express 3 StatSpin Express 3 Centrifuge

Primary Tube Centrifuge.

The StatSpin Express 3 provides faster turnaround time and greater productivity for your laboratory. Place it next to any of your STAT analyzers and serum or plasma is ready in just minutes.

With only three (3) settings, it is simple to use. Just select the 2, 3 or 5-minute button and press start. No fumbling with the settings or the need to readjust the speed. The unit beeps when it is done spinning. For safety, the lid remains locked until the rotor comes to a complete stop.

Samples can be processed as they arrive in the lab. Now you can process as many as eight (8) samples at once for high throughput. The StatSpin Express 3 holds tubes from 1.5 - 10mL in size.

The StatSpin Express 3 is powerful. The rugged brushless motor is maintenance free. The Express 3 comes with a 2-year warranty.



  • Fast: Rapid acceleration to optimal "g" forces produces sample separation in as little as 2 minutes!
  • Compact: Small, round footprint takes up little bench space and fits well in small corners.
  • Quiet: Won't disturb nearby workers.
  • Safe: Cover interlock system, chamber gasket and proven mechanical containment for operator safety. UL listed (US/Canada), CE marked.
  • Simple to operate: Load tubes, select time and press start!
  • Easy to maintain: 10% bleach-compatible surfaces and polypropylene rotor make cleaning easy. Disposable bowl liners available for added efficiency.


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  • Datasheet
  • Parts
  • Tube insert guide
  • Blood Bank Study
  • Case Studies 1 2 3 4
  • Lean Articles : 1 2 3 4
  • BD Vacutainer Tubes Study BD Logo
  • Operator manual:
  • Specifications

    Spin Select
    2 min:120 seconds@7,200rpm/4,440xg
      3 min:180 seconds@7,200rpm/4,440xg
      5 min:300 seconds@5,600rpm/2,685xg
    Cycle Time
    2, 3 and 5 minutes
    Accel Time
    25 seconds or less
    Decel Time
    30 seconds or less
    Tube Sizes
    1.5 to 10mL blood tubes
    UL, cUL and CE marked
    2 Years
    100 to 240V, 50/60Hz, 3.0 amp.
    7.0" H x 11" W x 10.0" D (8.75lbs)
    Specification subject to change without prior notice. StatSpin is a registered trademark of Iris Sample Processing, Inc.

    Ordering Information

    StatSpin Express 3 Centrifuge Includes 8-place rotor (RTX8), removable chamber liner, eight (8) 10mL inserts, eight (8) 5mL inserts and power cord.
    Disposable bowl liners for SSX3 3/pk.
    Replacement Express 3 Rotor
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