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StatSpin® CytoFuge 12StatSpin CytoFuge 12 Centrifuge

Versatile Cytocentrifuge System

The StatSpin CytoFuge 12 is a small, versatile and economically-priced cytocentrifuge that gently deposits cells in a monolayer onto microscope slides. Results are consistent: easy to scan monolayer cell presentations of excellent morphologic detail.



  • Flexibility: The system offers adjustable speeds, times and 3 levels of acceleration. It can be easily programmed; up to 24 protocols can be stored. It is compact , quiet and can fit in small areas.
  • Easy to use:It comes with a removable sealed rotor that can be loaded and unloaded in a safety hood. The rotor can be autoclaved and has a clear cover that allows the operator to see the samples during operation. The inner bowl is easy to clean.
  • Safety:The sealed rotor minimizes exposure to biohazards. Safety alarms and errors codes are available for self diagnosis. It meets the standards for mechanical, electrical and biohazard safety.


CytoFuge 12 RotorThe CytoFuge 12 offers a choice of filter or gasket-seal concentrator formats. The system handles samples from routine body fluid preps to research methods involving application of multiple cell concentrations or controls on the same slide. A broad range of selectable speed and run times enables precise replication of most procedures developed on other cytocentrifuge systems.


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    Safety Features
    Cover interlock system
    Sealed rotor with transparent lid
    Low voltage drive system (24 V)
    Rotor Capacity
    One to twelve slides
    Speeds (forces)
    200-2000rpm ±5% (28-560xg)
    Accel Rate
    Low: 45-50 rpm/sec
    Med: 65-70 rpm/sec
    High: 85-90 rpm/sec
    Decel Time
    50-100 rpm/sec < 30 secs
    Operating Times
    1-99 minutes
    1 Year
    100 to 240 VAC, – 10%, 2.5A, 50 or 60 Hz
    20.3 cm x 34.0 cm x 42.5 cm
    (8.0 in. x 13.5 in. x 16.75 in.)
    22 lbs. (10.0 kg)
    Specification subject to change without prior notice. StatSpin is a registered trademark of Iris Sample Processing, Inc.


    Ordering Information

    CytoFuge 12, Cytocentrifuge
    Cell Concentrator (1-well, disposable), 10 / pk.
    Cell Concentrator (3-well, disposable), 10 / pk.
    Cell Concentrator (1-well, autoclavable), 10 / pk.
    Cell Concentrator (3-well, autoclavable), 10 / pk.
    Silicone Gasket for CC01 and CCR1, 100 / pk.
    Silicone Gasket for CC03 and CCR3, 100 / pk.
    Clip for Cell Concentrator, 10 / pk.
    Backing Plate, 10 / pk.
    CytoFuge Filter Concentrators, 48 / pk.
    Replacement Clips for use with FF01, 4 / pk.
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